All Sorted Driving School

Where it's "All Sorted" Phone Lee on 0439 477 271

Q. How many lessons will I need?

There is not a straight forward answer to this. The amount of lessons you will require will vary for multiple reasons. Your driving skills, confidence, understanding of road law, your ability to drive safely based on the Vicroads criteria. How much information you can retain from your lesson and practice in your own time. For example someone who only has professional driving lessons and no one to practice driving with will require more lessons.

Q. Do I need to bring my logbook?

A. Yes you must have your logbook or the "Learner app" to log 120hrs if you are under the age of 21.
No logbook is required for those over 21. Please keep in mind the driving test is based on skill levels of someone who has completed 120 hours of driving in all conditions.

Q. Can you come with me on the day?

A. Yes I can but only in my car. Vicroads only allows instructors to attend tests if it is a dual control vehicle. We can not accompany you in your own vehicles. 

Q. Can you take me on the test that Vicroads uses?

A. There are many test routes that Vicroads uses for testing, not just one. Testing has evolved significantly over the years including a change in testing criteria and all new test routes in 2007. Test routes do get changed and updated too. My advice is instead of focusing solely on the test, focus on the skills required to be a safe driver and the test will be easy.

Q. How much will it be on test day?

A.  Fees do change at Vicroads annually at the end of the financial year (30th June). Please call the driving school for all current pricing.
Current fees until 30/6/19
Hazards Test booking fee - $36.90 (includes $18.50 appointment fee)
Drive Test booking fee - $63.00  (includes $18.50 appointment fee)
Probationary P2 3 year licence  - (21 yrs+) $80.80
Probationary P1 4 year licence -  ( > 21 yrs) $107.70

PLUS the driving school test fee on the day